Outdoor Lighting Services for Pool & Patio Lighting

Create a sincere, ambiance by revamping your pool lighting with eco-friendly LED lighting.

Miami Beach pool and palm tree lighting with LED low voltage lights

Custom LED pool lighting for all pool types and shapes.

With Florida being the perfect spot of outdoor activities throughout the year, you spend much of your time outside on your property. With professional lighting, you will be able to easily enjoy areas such as patios, docks, sports centers — your entire property. We can even install special control options giving you more freedom to adjust the lighting to your liking, depending on the activity.

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Residential pool lighting in the backyard with outdoor lights.

Pool Landscape Lighting

In Miami, Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, and throughout the South Florida area, swimming pools are a key point on the property.

Properly applied lighting solutions should be an extension of the beauty of your property, especially your pool. The beauty that is seen during the day can be accentuated to transform the night into a scene that is more romantic, mysterious, or fun. With specially installed controls you will be able to set the mood depending on the occasion, giving you full freedom and control over your lighting system.


Patio Landscape Lighting

Whether you want to sit on the hammock and read a book, or wine and dine your family and friends, you need to be able to adjust your landscape lighting to fit the mood. The landscape lighting service provided by Miami Landscape Lighting offers not only an aesthetic design, but a useful one as well. It is essential that you are able to use every part of your property, and with a properly lit patio, barbecue, and dining area you will be able to adjust the mood whether you are simply relaxing or entertaining guests.

With special light solutions and focus lighting, you can properly light your prep area for the perfect cookout, read a book as you cozy up and enjoy areas which would usually seem unusable and uncomfortable at night. With properly placed in-ground lights, on the other hand, you will easily be able to walk to and from your home safely.

Recreational and Sports Area Lighting

Outdoor sports usually have to be suspended once night falls, but with properly installed light solutions, they can go on through the night. Our landscape lighting service will provide the necessary focus lighting that will make enjoying outdoor sports as easy as during the day without blinding you or affecting your game.

There are endless possibilities for attractive and useful accent lighting. Extend the indoors to your beautiful property and enjoy every part of it just as you would during the day. Provide comfort and give each of your property’s recreational areas use throughout the night. Entertain guests, relax, and work throughout your property comfortably and safely at night, and take advantage of all the possibilities your property has to offer.

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