Low Voltage Outdoor Commercial Lighting Designs

Yellow LED mood lighting for outdoor dinning at a restaurant in Miami, FL

Welcome your Customers with Custom LED Lighting!

Make an impact with your business, customers and attract new clients using custom Low & High Voltage lighting systems. A beautifully lit business or public space attracts attention while creating a brand of your company. We only use top-of-the-line LED technology, bulbs, systems and hi-quality brass fixtures that last years.

Types of LED lighting techniques are:

  • Accent/Flood
  • Path & Driveways
  • Spot / Focus Lighting
  • Color Ambient Lighting

We work with many different types of businesses from restaurants, condo associations, city parks, rec centers, walkways, public spaces, malls, gardens and more. Our design systems are created for scale and long-lasting results.

Beat The Competition

The first thing that people see is the landscaping and overall exterior of a business property, and even if they pass during closed hours, if the landscaping is beautifully lit and attracts attention, they will be drawn to the place of business the next time they require its service or product.

The high competition among businesses in the South Florida area requires many companies to consider even the slightest details to attract and keep customers. Grab customers’ and potential customers’ attention at first glance with beautiful and attractive landscape lighting!

With strategically placed landscape lighting, people will stop to look at your landscape, and in turn become further acquainted with your business. The way your commercial property looks on the outside, even when it’s closed, represents its quality. If the landscape is poorly lit and not maintained, potential customers will think badly of your business.

Provide Safety and Security for Customers

Vandalism is common on commercial properties, and since it goes hand in hand with burglaries, you want to ensure that your property is protected from both.

In addition to guiding your customers directly to the front door of your commercial property, in-ground lights and ambient lighting provide both safety and security. If there is a great deal of foliage on your commercial property, customers will want to feel secure as they walk down a path. Lighting will minimize chances of accidents due to tripping or stumbling along the path.

Spot and Focus Lighting

With spot and focus lighting, we will create a beautiful atmosphere while discouraging vandals and robbers from entering your property.

Once Miami Landscape Lighting installs your new lighting system there is very little for you to think about except the upkeep of the landscape itself. Our professional installations offer low voltage lighting that uses less electricity while providing you with the same strength and quality light as traditional light bulbs.

With power-saving options such as timers, you won’t ever again forget to turn off the landscape lighting of your commercial property in the morning, and rather than keep it on until you open your business, just set the timer so it turns off at sunrise.

Commercial landscape lighting can help you boost business, reduce on-site accidents, and drastically cut down on vandalism and burglary incidents. With attractive designs and money-saving options, Miami Landscape Lighting will help you improve your business image and get ahead of the game!

Save Energy and Spend Less

  • Offering Low Voltage Lighting
  • Less Electricity
  • Same Strength And Quality As Traditional Lights
  • Reduce On-Site Accidents
  • Cut Down on Vandalism and Burglary
Pink, Blue, Yellow LED lights shine on plants and palm trees in front yard.
Plants with outdoor lights illuminate restaurant's front entrance. Miami, FL
Commercial Outdoor Sign Lighting.
Multiple palm trees have spot lights shining up on them.

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